Safety First - Prevention Works Best with Precautions

We Implement a Rigorous Health and Safety Policy

Infrastructure is a tough job. Every action is a potential hazard with heavy equipment and sharp tools forming the bulk of our inventory. Hence, proactive prevention with extensive and rigorous training through orientation, practical instructions, manufacturer training for judicious control of heavy equipment and regular analysis of our workmen and equipment plays an integral part in our Health and Safety policy.

We realize that the places we work at require as much attention as our equipment and staff. That is why we have a clearly defined industry-standard policy on Occupational Health & Safety best practices and our managers are expected to ensure that employees stick to it and if needed, explain the basics to users at a customer’s place.

Here the three most important tips for our staff and customers alike:

  1. Be Seen. You should be able to identify our personnel from a distance. Alternately, if a customer intends to enter the work place, he must wear a bright colored uniform, available with us.
  2. Be Sharp. Our people are required to keep equipment as good as new so they do not spend more force than needed and get trapped in stress related problems.
  3. Learn before operating. We are paranoid about bad outcomes. Hence our insistence on firm practical training before handing over equipment to a workman.

We Envision a Work Place Free of Accidents and Injuries

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